Pythagorean Theorem

In this theorem, it states that the square of the hypotenuse (the side opposite the right angle) is equal to the sum of the squares of the other two sides.
Children can learn about Pythagorean Theorem while actually creating the structures to prove it using block figures of Magkinder Education.
Learning by play is effective in raising interest of children in the education and helping them enhance their concentration.



Math playbook

Math playbook helps children understand mathematical learning ability related to logical thinking easily and quickly.
Children can understand plane and solid figures and develop mathematical application ability while fitting blocks together following the shapes illustrated in the activity book.


Raising a vegetable farm

Raising a vegetable farm is a learning playbook of Magkinder Activity book. This is a creative educational material to establish a vegetable farm while creating various shapes of vegetables and fruit using basic figures. It is very important for children in the preoperational stage to develop their intellectual ability by stimulating creative imagination. Magkinder is an educational program not focusing simply on the perceptional intellectual learning but aiming at multi-faceted development of intelligence.



Play Sheets

It is designed to fill with basic figures in the play sheet drawn by lines at 750×750.
Play sheet can be shared with friends to play together and make children feel a connection of order and emotion with friends and develop sociality in the course of learning by paly together.



Creative Drawing Book

Children can create shapes by doing practices in the creative drawing book.
They can create alphabets, numbers and various shapes utilizing the activity book.


Play Study Book

This book is designed to help children understand the principle of solid and develop the ability to perceive space naturally in the course of making various shapes from plane figures to solid figures


Math Activity Book

This book is designed to help children learn the principle of moving models by making models using 2D and 3D figures and using space, figures and saw-toothed wheels.


Math Study Book

Mathematic contents such as shapes, length, time, numbers, calculation, etc. are contained in the Mathematic Study Book.


Fractions and Decimals

This book is designed to help children understand the concept of numbers and learn application mathematics on fractions and decimals obtained by dividing numbers.


X-Bar Study Book

This book is designed to help children understand the concept of number by creating shapes by combining bars and magnets.


48 Weeks Play Cards

Play cards consisting of 48 cards can be used to play in more interesting way.


Play Sheets

Play cards consisting of 48 cards can be used to play in more interesting way.
This book is consisting of 6 play sheets – traffic, theme park, zoo, space, world and Jurassic park, and children can have more joyful experience playing with Magkinder on this block.


Activity Book

This book is training aids to play together with parents and friends. Children can learn to be patient in the course of heightening closeness, setting up rules and following the rules together. The activity book of Magkinder’s education helps children grow emotionally if they learn how to play with others, rules and social skills steadily from 3 years old when they start to recognize themselves and others.


Magkinder Education

Magkinder’s Education helps guardians how to talk with children and engage in the activities with children. Children can play and learn social skills and ability to use tools, words and animals, transport equipment, etc. naturally.
Magkinder’s Education consists of total 4 levels to suit the age of learners and we are continuously developing professional education programs for appropriate to age.