Magkinder is magnet toys with which hundreds of 3D structures can be created by connecting and combining them. It helps children develop not only shaping and mathematical ability but also creativity by understanding and applying various shapes. Try to create from simple figures up to various structures like planes, construction equipment, etc.
You can feel play and learning effects at the same time by combining, assembling and transforming Magkinder.


Composition by Level

1. Fairy Tale Book

In this Magkinder’s activity fairy tale book, there are 6 kinds of subjects such as relationship, seasons, animals, transports, tools and society composed suitable to each level. Figure images and illustrations of Magkinder describing the content of the fairy tales are well blended and expressed in all pages in the fairy tale book.


2. Activity Book

In this book, Children are asked to complete unfinished illustrations by combining blocks in the scopes of block divided into 2D, 3D, X-Bar, etc. and can expand their areas of activities much wider after block activities by additionally presenting them various materials and activities relevant to it on the rear pages

3. Math Activity Book

This is a new concept of math activity book designed to help children learn a difficult math study with pleasure easily and friendly by refining basic mathematical elements such as figures, segments, etc. into block combination play and provide children with opportunities to carry out self-directed learning.

4. Study Book

As a study book composed suitable to each level, it provides children with materials such as figures, numbers, alphabets, Chinese characters, etc. so that they study them by level and helps children develop creativity and senses as well as brain power utilizing Magkinder.