Magkinder 2D

Magnets 63x

The Click block contains very strong magnets. So you do not have to worry about that structure built from yourself will be collapsed.

More stronger,

More durable


High Imapct

It has a powerful magnetic joint that is patent pending. Now you can play in safety.


Strong Interlocking Grooves

The World’s First
Powerful magnetic joint

Magkinder has a powerful magnetic joint pending.


Keep Shape

More durable

You are able to build a more bigger and higher structure. Build a high tower like your dream.


Saw-toothed Structure

The World’s First
Patented saw-toothed structure

Feel the toughness of the tooth structure of the world’s first patent-pending Click Block.

It does not break even if it piled high!!

The existing magnetic block has weak magnetic force and structure, disappointed and lost its motivation.
But, MagKinder product improved its binding strength dramatically (29 times stronger), it does not collapse easily even if it is piled high.
Loss of motivation can lead to difficulties and giving fear to learning from play.
Give your children a sens of accompplishment by making them work as high they want.
Have your children got a sens of accompplishment by making them work as high they want.
Children can learn mathematical learning that is most important for logical thinking from play MagKinder.

Others are collapsed easily!



MagKinders do not collapse easily!

MagKinder overcome the disadvantages that children could only build up with a pyramid model due to the error in the structure of existing magnetic block and they can build realiable and stong structure.
Structures which it can’t be able to make from 2D blocks are now possible with 3D blocks.



A Strong Durability

Having made of P/C material, even if an adult male twists it, it hardly twisted or broken. In general, plastic products are broken or twisted, causing children to be injured. However, Mackinder has solved the disadvantages of these plastic products with 30 years of know-how and precise technology to create safe products for children to play with. It is also a product that reflects the safety and health of infants.


Magkinders are firmly attached to each other through grooved magnetic connecting means, which provides a solid interlocking between blocks.
Completed structures are so strong and robust that they are differentiated from other toy building blocks.
[Test results by Korea Testing Laboratory: 14-035162-07-1]


Richard Yoon invented magnet-based products setted up Magkinder. Magkinder have got patents that it is more than 120. Now, Magkinder is attempting to get patents aroun the world. And we applied for patents in the world, including the U.S., Japan, China and Germany. The technology developed by in theblock Corp is the first of its kind and competitive in the world.

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The Best Magnetic Block patent as Safety and Robustness!

Grooves on either surface are designed to ensure strong connections between blocks. When it completed, blocks do not easily topple because each block is connected from strong magnetic grooves. We get patent about The first-of-its kind design of the blocks
These features allow children to interconnect blocks in real-sized shapes and move completed structures without knocking them down. 3D shape created with the blocks are strong enough to resist external impact (weight and pressure), and kinetic energy is produced as a result. These blocks are made of PC material, making them solid and safe to play without concerns about environmental hormones.


The blocks are easy to build for children.

Solid interlocking and strong magnetic strength, which are 4.3 times stronger than that of other magnetic blocks, make Magkinders stable to handle, so that children make shapes they desire without assistance.




Helpful to understand difficult mathematical logics For instance, children can understand the Pythagorean theorem by making a right-angled triangle and compare side lengths. Such an opportunity is important for children because they can develop their ability to think mathematically and logically. Mathematics require logical thinking to understand the cause-effect relationship beyond numerical concept. / By making educational models, children can stimulate their interest in learning. / It is very important to provide children with opportunities in early stages to help them build their interest. / Logical commands are critical for programming. That is, understanding principles are more important than rote in learning. By creating a mobile structure with moving block, a motor system and connecting parts, children can understand the mechanical principle and energy transfer and foster their scientific thinking.

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