Magkinder 3D


Children are able to create various structures such as house, tulip and rocket with only three different blocks. Also, children can create more complex structure using the same types of blocks. Help children stimulate their imagination with Magkinders.


Intuitive understanding of shapes

Magkinders come in different geometric shapes: triangles, squares, pentagons and hexagons. Children become familiar with shapes while playing with geometrically designed Magkinders. For Instance, children can instantly understand why the surface area of a triangle is calculated by the formular length x width x 1/2 by cutting a square in half.


Easier and quicker

3D Magkinders are strong to make large and durable structures. Currently there are no blocks comparable to Magkinders. How long children take to make a hexagon-shaped structure with 2D blocks? They can make it quickly with 3D blocks. Children would not feel tired because they find making a large structure easy and quick.


Magkinders are fun
and educational

Pre-existing toys are pretty and fun-oriented. However, Magkinders are fun and educational. Only brief advice or assistance is necessary for children in the beginning. Children can learn through visual effects of Magkinders.


Magkinders are compatible with all magnetic blocks.

Magkinders are compatible with all magnetic blocks, not to mention Magkinder product lines; that is the most important feature. All 2D and 3D blocks including X-bars can be connected to each other. As all Magkinders are compatible with each other, any items purchased cannot be wasted even after purchase of new blocks.


Easy to move
without toppling over.

Children will be very disappointed if their creation topples. Magkinders are very durable. Children will never be disappointed with Magkinders. Magkinders are cost effective because they are durable and compatible; no need to purchase new blocks.




While 2D blocks are difficulty for children to handle without help, 3D blocks are more feasible to create shapes, and completed structures are stable when being integrated with moving parts. Children can exert their creativity while assembling 3D blocks because they need to keep thinking for new ideas. They can easily make durable 3D models they imagine with fun. Children can make a variety of life-sized objects such as chair or desk with 3D blocks and use them in real life because they are strong, and they can understand mechanical and structural principles while making them.

More About 3D Block



Introducing the features of the block that does not collapse.

It is solid and does not fall.

Strong magnets, patented sawtooth-structure and rigid material(P/C). These three factors make the block more robust.

You can move the completed sculpture without any disturbance.

The strong binding force of the Magkinder makes it possible to maintain its shape without collapsing even when moving the finished sculpture.

You can reproduce things such as desks and chairs.

The Magkinder is not only strong but it can also create a chair that can actually sit down with the strong nature of the material(P/C) itself.

You can stack it higher by using 3D block.

Magkinder can be stacked as high as you want using blocks. Using variable products of Magkinder, such as X-Bar or Rolling Ball, you can add more delicate shapes and features to your sculptures.

Movement Block + Wireless

You can make your own models move using motion blocks. And you can use the remote control to adjust it wirelessly and get even more excited.

You can make delicate models.

The block contains a mini-block that you can use to add detail to your sculpture.

Over 120 registered patents demonstrate the quality and stability of the click block.

In addition to having more than 120 registered patents, Magkinder has been continuously patented in the US, Japan, China, Germany and other countries, and is constantly investing and developing to develop better magnetic blocks.