Magkinder Wood

Eco-friendly wooden magnetic block

A wooden material that gives children a sense of safety and familiarity, which helps to develop their imagination and scientific thinking.

Existing magnetic Gabe blocks are joined together in a way where a face of a figure sticks to a face of another figure, enabling only vertical stacking. On the other hand, Master Blocks add side modules to existing magnetic blocks, allowing the combination of various shapes and stronger bonding force.

In addition, rotating round magnet modules allows more delicate and various block combinations with different clamping force by the angle of rotation.

Use of indirect rotating magnet modules.

Master blocks can be bonded using magnetic force without direct contact between magnets, allowing not only face-to-face attachment but also edge-to-edge attachment and thus enabling more delicate expression. It helps children to recognize patterns and stimulate their imagination and at the same time, children will learn how to solve problems and analyze the structure.

Dynamic movement using motor block

It is possible to make various vehicles such as racing cars and trucks that run on the engine block containing the motor.